The word “martial arts” keeps up within its name that’s apparently two human endeavors that contradict: art and war. Martial arts are recognized to have started in Ancient China’s Shaolin Temple through the establishment of Indian yoga. The conspiracy started from the belief that monks, who were addressed as the embodiment of non-violence, became this tradition’s harbingers. Ever since it emerged as Shaolin Kung Fu, the eras have seen a lot of variation when it comes to the evolution and development of this art. This helped emerged the Japanese Kendo and Karate, the Jiu-Jitsu, the Brazilian, Taekwondo, and so much more.  

Such arts have thrived through the test of time to train cultures all over the world in the essence of self-defense. Though the art enthusiasts believe that the goal behind martial arts and self-defense greatly differ since both of them have established a distinct symbiotic relationship through the years, which leads up to today’s time. Here are some of the proofs that self-defense and martial arts have an interdepended relationship.  

Emerging of new forms of martial arts 

Human beings are known to be the key that promotes creativity and invention. Thus, one of the interests in ancient warfare and self-defense come together, we will be able to achieve excellent phenomena such as Japanese Zen Archery, Brazilian Capoeira, Filipino Fighting, and the combination of forms that are mostly called as Mixed Martial Arts. 

Increased fascination when it comes to ancient arts 

Aside from the requirement for self-defense, the increased curiosity about martial arts has led to the revival of several types that might have been gone eventually otherwise.  One of the examples of those resurrected form of martial arts is the Indian Kalaripayattu, which is known to be the antecedent to the entire forms of martial art. This is all possible with the help of those ancient arts enthusiasts who are into obtaining war skills from such historical and cultural shrine. 

Increases self-confidence 

The mere act of participating in combat, overcoming inhibitions, and joining classes of martial arts is sufficient to make use of the feeling of having the feeling of butterflies in the stomach, causing you to gain more confidence. An individual who’s self-aware and confident has the tiniest chance to be the victim mongers’ target. Moreover, such a person will definitely fare better in his everyday communications compared to those who lack confidence. 

Optimized health 

A lot of forms of martial arts are physically dreadful and involves demanding workouts of different body parts. Through the extreme routine of kicks, punches, and strikes of taekwondo, it aids to improve a person’s flexibility, strength, and stamina. Meanwhile, Tai Chi’s mediation-in-motion is a great help to buster stress and anxiety upon routine practice.  

Boosted Awareness 

Regardless of what form, martial arts encompass a continuous strengthening of both the body and mind that can be learned through extreme routines in self-discipline and meditation. The subsequent improvement in focus and concentration and the increased awareness of one’s environment are the basics on which self-defense is developed.  Look for a great Washington DC martial arts club now and book for a training session this summer.